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Never be a victim again of fake news falsified documents and counterfeit products!

1/ You receive a document (electronic or printed).

2/ Scan the QR code with the Certidox app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

3/ The Certidox app informs you in less than 2 seconds whether the document you scanned is authenticated or not.

4/ In case the document is authenticated, the Certidox app indicates if the document is still valid. You can then consult the document on your Smartphone/Tablet to make sure its content hasn't been changed.

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Why ?

How can I make sure the document I'm reading is not a fake and is still valid ?

I receive documents (electronic or printed) every day : communications published by companies, invitations to login to solve a problem or to benefit from an offer, ...

=> How can I be sure these documents I'm reading are not fakes ?

Someone submits a power of attorney or a financial news

How can I be convinced that the content of this document hasn't been modified and is still valid ?

The Certidox-app provides you with an answer at any moment wherever you are.

We, all of us, have at least a smartphone or a tablet at our disposal.

We just need to download and install the Certidox-app on our device from App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android).

If the document we want to check has a Certidox label, we have just to launch the Certidox-app and scan its QR code.

Case #1 : the QR code is not authenticated : it's a fake document !

Case #2 : the QR code is authenticated :

  • Certidox informs you whether the document is still valid,
  • You can consult the content of the document on your Smartphone / Tablet and check whether it does match with the document you received.

Authenticate any document in a few seconds thanks to Certidox

Providing you with a reliable service 24/7

A high availability service
Fast Performance

Wherever you are, you will know in less than 2 seconds whether your document is a fake. If it is authenticated you will know whether it is still valid and you will be able to compare its content on your device.

Online Support

You dispose of an online hotline to advise you.

Top Security

All the data transmitted are done in secure mode : there is no possibility for a hacker to intercept messages.

How does Certidox work ?

Certidox manages 2 different kinds of users :

Certidox manages 2 different kinds of users

TRIAL USERS for test purpose

  • You don't need to prove your identity,
  • You can see the way Certidox is working.

AUTHENTICATED USERS benefiting from the Certidox authentication service

  • You must submit a proof of your identity,
  • Certidox authenticates your documents.
The way Certidox certifies a document in a few seconds

Certidox processes any kind of document.

After the user has uploaded its document in secure mode,


  • 1. Scans the document to make sure it doesn't contain any virus,
  • 2. Creates a SHA256 hash of the document,
  • 3. Creates a unique QR code for the document (= "proof of existence"),
  • 4. Pastes the QR code in a Certidox-label on the document,
  • 5. Saves the document in a database with the SHA256 of the document before and after affixing the CertiDox label containing the QR code AND mints on the Polygon blockchain an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) containing the SHA256 of the document and the ID number of the issuer that has been dynamically encrypted with the CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm.

Once the process is finished, the user can download its document authenticated by Certidox.

The QR code allows checking
  • The simultaneous existence of the document in the CertiDox database and on the decentralized Polygon blockchain,
  • The author of the document,
  • The status of the document: “still valid” or “revoked”.


  • SHA256 is the fingerprint of a document. Even if a single symbol is changed, the algorithm will produce a different hash value: this makes it suitable for verifying the integrity of your data.
  • It is impossible to reconstruct a document from its SHA256
  • The NFT, which only contains the SHA256, therefore contains no readable information on the certified authentic document, which guarantees its confidentiality.
  • Documents certified authentic with Certidox cannot be consulted on the web but only through the Certidox App

He can then and disseminate it e.g. on its website, by mail and social media.

People will be able to check the document by launching the Certidox app on their Smartphone or their Tablet.

The way Certidox authenticates a document in a few seconds

To make sure the document you read is not a fake,

Download and install the Certidox app on your Smartphone or your Tablet.

  • 1. Launch the app,
  • 2. Scan the QR code displayed on the document to be checked,
  • 3. The app makes a request on Certidox servers in order yo know whether the document is present in its database or not.

Case #1, the document is not present in the Certidox database : the Certidox app returns "FAKE DOCUMENT"

Case #2, the document is present in the Certidox database : Certidox checks whether the document is still valid or revoked.

  • 1. The document is revoked : the Certidox app returns "DOCUMENT REVOKED".
  • 2. The document is still valid : the Certidox app returns "DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATED" => you can then download the document on your Smartphone / Tablet in order to check whether its content has been modified or not.

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