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This case study shows you how CertiDox allows you to authenticate a contract in a few seconds

"One in twelve organic products is not as organic as it claims". This is one of the findings of a study published by the NGO Foodwatch in March 2021. CertiDox solves this problem by allowing consumers to check in a few seconds whether a product that claims to be organic is.

Foodwatch published an alarming article on its website on March 25, 2021: “Food fraud: fake food everywhere”. This survey explains that food fraud is increasing every year in all European countries.

Thus, in 2020 alone, “around 12,000 tons of illegal and potentially dangerous products were seized before being marketed on supermarket shelves” according to this NGO.

This awareness is global as evidenced by this report broadcast on the American television channel ABC under the title “Food Fraud? Watchdog Group Raises Concerns ” in which Dr. Markus Lipp, Senior Director for Foods Standards of the United States Pharmacopeial states that “products are not always what they say they are”. No product is spared.

Fraud affects all categories of products, including those bearing the "organic" label. It is indeed very tempting for a fraudster to earn even more money by usurping the “Organic Agriculture” label.

CertiDox blocks the way for fraudsters and secures consumers in their choices by affixing a QR CODE next to the quality label (“organic”, etc.).

As explained in case study #1 "press releases" : unlike a website, there is no possible doubt about the origin of the CertiDox application.

  • The CertiDox app is available for free only on Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon,
  • Before its publication, we had to provide legal information to Apple, Google, and Amazon about our company and its directors,
  • We left a trace of our identity by entering our credit card details to pay for our registration.

This QR CODE affixed to the quality label can only be read with the CertiDox application which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

With his smartphone or tablet, the consumer can check the origin and authenticity of the product he has in his hands. If so, he can consult the certificate issued by the inspection body.

The inspection body also has total control over the QR CODE:it can thus deactivate the QR CODE of a producer who no longer respects its quality charter.

In conclusion,

  • With CertiDox, the consumer can easily check the origin and authenticity of the product he has in his hands and ensure that he always benefits from the quality label (“organic”, etc.).
  • Unlike a web site, there is no doubt about the origin of the CertiDox App.

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CertiDox è la soluzione affidabile, semplice e veloce per certificare i tuoi documenti (es. Comunicati stampa, delega, contratti e ordini di acquisto) che non richiede l'utilizzo di un sito web per verificarne l'autenticità. È inoltre possibile disattivare un documento (ad esempio una delega) da remoto con CertiDox. Hai anche smaltito le statistiche per scaricare, visualizzare e stampare i tuoi comunicati stampa.

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